How To View Facebook Timeline By Years

We have been using facebook for many years, we have many friends in our friend list, we all are connected to each other. Daily we share many photos, videos by tagging our friends. Some people


Facebook App For Windows Install and Review

Finally Facebook provided Facebook and Messenger Windows App but it can’t be installed from online websites. It is only available in Windows Store. It is only for windows 8, 8.1 and 10. The Apps are very fast and responsive. Their ¬†UI is same as facebook on desktop

How To Get More Likes On Facebook Posts

As we know that everyone want to be popular on facebook, twitter and instagram even some people want to get the blue verified badge on their profile which is not an easy task, Well here i will discuss about the matter of getting less and more likes on facebook posts and soon i will write on instagram and twitter.

How To Make Pendrive Bootable To Install Window

Are you facing errors while booting your windows, or want to install a new window. Well you came to right place, today i wanna show you how to make pendrive bootable so that you can install new Windows.


How To Connect JIOFI without Password

Jiofi is a WiFi Router made by Reliance Jio to provide 4g services on 3g and 2g phones. It also helps us to make free calls through Jio4gVoice App over our Jio Plan. The default

Set Up Facebook Two Step Factor Authentication

Finally Facebook provided two step or two factor authentication to secure our facebook accounts. In Two Factor authentication after entering our facebook’s email and password we have to enter a code which is sent on our registered mobile number or alternatively we can use facebook code generator.

The Best Blogging Platforms You Should Prefer

There are many platforms of blogging, this becomes a problem to a new blogger to choose a platform on which he/she should start blogging. Here I am explaining the different types of blogging and their advantages that will help you to choose a best and suitable platform for your purpose

Fun With Google

Welcome Friends Today I am going to show to show you some funny things on google which you had never ever seen. As we know that Google Search is the most popular search engine of the internet. Google is also innovating some thing new every time. There are many things on Google developed by Google but you haven’t seen. So today i will show you some unseen things on google.

How To Play Games On A Computer Without Hanging And Lagging

Every Gamer wants that he/she could be able to play games at high visual quality and without any lag and it is not possible in Integrated Graphic Cards or Old Dedicated Graphic cards. There may be many reasons of lagging not only old graphic card. Whenever we play heavy games on our computer or we have installed many heavy software, our computer hangs which interrupt us, from enjoying games. So the problems can be of many types. So today i will show how to get maximum gaming performance from your computer with some simple tips and tricks., Just follow me.

How To Add 5000 Friends On Facebook In One Click

Everyone wants maximum friends on Facebook to know other peoples and stay connected with them. The maximum limit of adding friends on Facebook is 5000. We may know 100-300 of them personally. Here the question arises that what is the need of other 4500 friends ? And the answers is “Likes” More likes, yes you heard right, if you have 300-500 friends you will get 20-100 likes on your photos and 10-60 on your text status. For increasing your likes on posts you have to add many friends. And making 5000 friends is not any task so you have to work throughout some scripts.

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